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September 11, 2015


Good evening blog readers. Pipe organ building has been calling me back to it on and off for the past three years. I think that the time is right to seriously put some serious effort into exploring the possibility of building another instrument again.

To that end, I have produced a website for my workshop that focuses on the connection between my work as a studio woodworker and pipe organ builder. The website needs more work before it goes live, but one aspect that it will feature that is new to me is the concept of storytelling which puts my work in a sort of autobiographical context.

I can tell you this is not easy, but I think that I tell my story in a succinct way through a relatively new Microsoft app called Sway. This tool allows me to put my workshop photos together with text in a way that remarkably lets me tell the story of my work history online. I created three Sway stories that autobiographically tell the story of how I came full circle with regard to the possibility of pursuing cabinet organ building as a now part-time avocation.

Please take a look at the following, and let me know what you think. This is new for me. Posting photos is easy. Telling the stories behind them when it involves your thoughts and experiences is a bit more difficult.

- as a pipe organ builder with a music and engineering background.

- as a studio woodworker with a technology and organ building background.

- as a pipe organ builder with a studio woodworking background.

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