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June 22, 2014

The Pluralists: Where Design Inspiration Comes From

I build musical instruments, and so I care about good sound. I started to design and build my own speaker systems a number of years back. They have occasionally sold through local galleries. I started to build a set over a year ago that was based on a small full range driver. Small but with an incredible sound especially if supported by a subwoofer. This project is next on my list to complete.

The boxes are built using through dovetail joinery. A whole lot of different woods are used in their construction, so I came up with the name Pluralists.

The legsets are going to be something altogether different. I know a university graduate student who decided a couple of winters ago to make not a snowman, but a snow bear. She posted photos.

I was in the shop making small light fixtures at that time when I combined one of the fixtures with one of the Pluralist speaker boxes. I stood back to look at it and thought, snow bear.

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