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July 22, 2017

The Story of Tip Deer and the Baristas

A long time ago, someone made a rustic folk-art wooden deer for the baristas at Espresso Expose to use as a tip container. Tip deer was loved very much. One day, the person who made tip deer took it back.

I felt bad for the baristas at Expose, my regular morning coffee shop, so I thought that I would make them a tip box to replace tip deer as a goodwill project from my workshop, and that it would be a great tip box that I would make them.

I ended up actually making two dovetailed boxes from scraps of quatersawn red oak and padauk. But before I could give Expose its new tip box, it was announced that Expose was closing.

A few months later, I started going to The Purple Onion Cafe as my new morning coffee shop. Both were actually owned by the same person. I ended up giving a dovetailed box to the Purple Onion.

Instead of tips, they now use the box to hold written compliments from happy customers.

Although I've since cut out my morning coffee shop routine, I stopped in yesterday and took a photo. The box has found a happy place.

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